Online Project Management Software – A Benefits Guide

In these challenging times, many organizations are faced with huge pressure to deliver change and improve business performance in order to survive. These change or transformation programs are managed via a series of projects designed to achieve certain goals be they cost reduction, new product, increased productivity or process improvement. An online project management software tool can benefit most organizations that can be faced with challenges such as project selection, project team collaboration, task management, resource planning, milestones and time sheet tracking.

A major obstacle in rolling out programs across teams or departments is collaboration and communication as project team members are often based at different locations and the natural communication channels allowed by being in the same room or building can’t be tapped into. This is where online project management can make the working life of the project team less stressful and more productive.

The main benefit of online project management software is to give all members of the project team full visibility of information and actions relating to project status, assigned tasks, risks, issues, and resource or time planning.

Some organizations consider a project management system or tool as a stack of overflowing files, multiple excel sheets, unopened emails and post-it notes. A project management solution such as this only hampers a project and case studies prove that most project teams will end up in the situation where tasks get missed or simply forgotten, milestones ignored and ownership has lapsed to the point where the project lurches into the “started but never completed” label.

The Project Management team needs a more organized solution rather than some project methodologies or an email and file sharing system. By having an online project management system in place there will be no more exchanging of emails with excel and word attachments or managers chasing up project team members for updates, as all concerned will have access to the same information from one central interface. This in turn will ensure that the organization is working on one project plan, even if departments and individuals aren’t positioned in the same building or even the same country. Project productivity is boosted as any team member can access their personalized project dashboard from work, home and the airport, the list is endless.

Projects plans can change from one day to the next and this can have significant implications on the management of that project, as the necessary users of that project may not have an updated version of the plan. By having an online system any changes are made once and from there all involved parties can be updated and view all project information in real-time. Visibility is essential to the successful management of projects and an online system achieves one unified version of any project.

Online project management software gives users huge flexibility and enables them to complete tasks, actions and programs to a high standard. This flexibility will have a positive knock on effect on the time and budget management of the projects as less time and money will be wasted updating and transmitting emails and files to team members.

Time spent by the PMO leaders interacting with all team members and reviewing project plan status will be maximized and in a more collaborative way. No more will the project managers have to spend vast amounts of time chasing up team members for project updates. Utilizing an online project management solution ensures that an organization gets completed projects, on time and on budget.
Gone are the phone and email conversation around the management of projects, gone are the excel sheets that require updating regularly. The PMO will have their time dedicated only to the management of projects and not the administration associated with projects.

Another key benefit of using project management software online is an increase in project output as all information is held at one point. The necessary tasks for a PMO such as making updates, analyzing reports can all be done via a single interface, available online 24/7. The information can also be easily accessed by senior management or stakeholders. Online project management unifies the project team, tasks, KPI’s and project goals, ensuring that all team members have a 100% understanding and eliminates project ambiguity.

For the most part, project management ensures that a team’s time is spent on the tasks and actions that get results and move the project forward for the good of the company. Team work is optimized as everyone is able to work together effectively, even if they are situated in different locations. To be successful an organization needs to have in place an effective system to manage all the elements associated with a program. That system should be online.

Overall, project management software will bring measurable financial returns and deliver clear outcomes across projects, programs and risk management to an organization, with its ease of use and flexibility. Lastly, team members will have online and instant access to all the information needed to complete their assigned tasks, making collaboration easier and increasing the project teams success.